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Elite Lab

Our experience is the key to your Success.

Years of experience with creating white label e-liquid products for most demanding partners give us ability to produce unique OEM brands for different market segments.

We produce OEM brands in different languages according to requirements of destination country.

Having wide range of flavouring compositions we can match our offer to your brand’s needs.

Your time is very important for us.That’s why we always do our job without unnecessary delay so that you can calmly focus on developing your business.

Your brand


Is our



We truly understand your needs

During creation of any new brand we compare our ideas to existing trends to produce only best seller products. 

We understand how great  impact on future sales have the appropriate design of the logo and  ideal composition of the product graphics to the created vision of unique future brand. That’s why we put our heart into every story created for your business.

Got an idea for your new brand? We can give more than you expect.

Short fills 





Unique flavour range for your brand.

We have dozens of new undiscovered and unique flavors of short cups.

A wide range of fruit flavors perfectly imitating real fruit combined with mint or cooling additives surrounded by delicate sweetness meet the requirements of the most demanding customers.

Intense, sour fruit with a distinctive hint of cream topping flavour of short fill should be found in every e-cigarette user’s kitchen.

Do you want to taste the best from our short fills range ?

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