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From past to present


Elite lab is a professional chemical enterprise specializing in the production of E-liquids for electronic cigarettes started in 2016. 

Our activity related to the production of e-liquids started in 2008. Firstly our products was intended for the Polish market only. Over time, we began to expand our business to other markets.  In 2012  of we started to develop our production procedures , production processes and investmens in the new machinery to be able to fulfil more clients orders. Acording to increasing  quality requirements of e-liquids in Europe  since 2013 we focused on production only the highest quality products. In 2016 we started Elite Lab enterprise wchich is developing rapidly to the present day. In cooperation with highest class specialists we have learned all TPD requirements and now we  learning other companies that we cooperate with how to meet the requirements of Tobacco Products Directive. Now Elite Lab enterprise started branch in Czech Republic and is the key e-liquids supplier for many companies among others in Morocco, Pakistan, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Ireland, Germany, Netherlands and many others.

Highest Quality


Is our




Top quality from suppliers to final product

Our chemical laboratory highly ensures repeatability of each product. Our internal procedures make it possible to ensure the highest quality at every stage of production, starting from mixing a properly prepared product recipe through the packaging and approval of the finalised product.
Due to the requirements of TPD, we have extensive documentation on every product placed on the market, including safety data sheets, laboratory reports, emission test reports, chemical composition, toxicological profiles and other available on demand offices.
We always test our new unique products before they launch for sale by independent experts and our New Products Implementation team. This is why we offer only the most sophisticated flavours and fragrances.

Short Leading times


makes cooperation



Top quality from suppliers to final product

Due to the experience gathered over years of cooperation with very demanding clients, we have developed various schemes of action intended to minimize the time of order fulfilment.
They are tailored to the expectations of our clients such as distributors, wholesalers and store chains in terms of delivery of products supported by Elite Lab and goods in personalised brands.
Optimization of the production process has allowed us to reduce the waiting time for ordered products to a minimum, and the quick operation of the graphic design team in the preparation and implementation allows the efficient and effective introduction of new brands to the market of your country

Highest standards


meet customers



Top quality from suppliers to final product

The application of the highest standards is currently the responsibility of every entity involved in the production of e-liquids. By using only the highest quality ingredients, using packaging in pharmaceutical quality, performing independent external research in certified analytical laboratories, conducting a responsible sales policy and the highest quality of service for each customer Elite Lab ranks among the top European producers of e-liquids

Our services




to create your brand

Top quality from suppliers to final product

Our team of specialists in the field of graphics, 3D design and specialists creating new brands will provide you with the necessary support, building a unique image of your brand tailored to the preferences of customers. It starts from planning a design concept, by creating an individual project, to 3D visualization of your products. All these elements allow you to put life into your new product from the first day of sale.

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