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Our experience give us flexibility and high quality

Applying very innovative internal production systems, we are able to adapt to each type of order for different groups of customers. Due to the experience and appropriate training of the production team, we offer flexible product solutions for every customer. Thanks to the latest technological methods, we can produce over 16 million bottles a year.
We are adapted to store packaging and labels for each customer, which allows for quick delivery of each order and production flexibility.
By using the highest quality standards, our business partners can be sure that every batch produced by Elite Lab is repeatable and complies with the TPD requirements.




Our products meet requirements of the TPD

To meet the rigorous requirements of the Tobacco Product Directive, we perform emission testing for every TPD product reported in Europe.
We are following all the changes in regulations meticulously so our business partners can sleep peacefully.
Before the introduction of each product, we perform detailed analyses of the chemical composition of each product and make a toxicological assessment of each component of our e-liquids. Due to the above, our customers can be sure that all nicotine products meet the requirements of TPD.
To make our research reliable, we perform emission tests in certified analytical laboratories specializing in the chemical composition of hazardous mixtures. In emission testing, we use very accurate GC-MS gas chromatography. Additional analyses of compounds formed as a result of heating the mixture allow determining whether the product does not release hazardous compounds during the rational use of products.
We develop, prepare and analyze the data provided in each application, so we are sure that every and each of them contains all the required information.






Our products can be traced right back to its source

By using our internal batch number tracking system, we are able to check each component used in the composition of every product we manufacture. That meets the requirements of the current Tobacco Products Directive.
Each component used in the production of e-liquids is batch coded in our system , which allows as to check the full chemical specification straight from the source. We are registering in our system all the ingredients at the stage of preparing and during the production itself.
Each batch of products manufactured by us has a batch control sample, which is stored in the event of a possible inspection.
The traceability of our products is dictated by safety, responsibility and adaptation to the growing requirements of TPD.




Our products meet requirements of the TPD

The components used to produce our e-liquids, especially nicotine, have full documentation as a REACH, compliance with the European Pharmacopoeia, and a list of detailed tests in accordance with the procedures we have adopted.
All TPD flavourings are checked in terms of safety requirements according to TPD and individual national regulations regarding prohibited and dangerous compounds before use in TPD products. Each flavour batch is checked  for compliance with the detailed specification sent by the manufacturer.
We require from our suppliers to perform and provide physicochemical analyses for each batch of raw materials to be sure that our products are in the highest quality.





of e-liquids

In accordance with the requirements of TPD and current regulations, we use the proper classification of our e-liquids.
We create safety data sheets for each new product giving our customers a guarantee of meeting the requirements of CLP.
All products packaging have appropriate health warnings, chemical composition, batch number, production date, expiry date and pictograms, if applicable.

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